Tweets That Matter

Facebook seems to be exploding right now with posts about the recent Russian related events that showed up near the United States on Tuesday afternoon. “Alaska” is trending on Facebook and Twitter right now because, of course, no one wants to hear about Russian Tu-95 Bomber Jets flying thirty-six miles from Alaska and near the … More Tweets That Matter

Unethical Integrity

There is a debate on whether or not journalists should post photos in their articles that cross the line of ethical integrity. Some photos are gruesome and disturbing, as well as disrupting for people that have lost loved ones and see dead bodies in the photo. posted an article that you can read here on the … More Unethical Integrity

The Inauguration

My reaction to the inauguration… The following words are my thoughts that I wrote immediately after watching the inauguration. I felt a big mix of emotions, and I promptly wrote them out. Here they are: “I just watched the inauguration of our 45th president of the United States of America. The last time I watched … More The Inauguration