Third Year, New Discoveries

Hey y’all.

I just finished my third week of my junior year at Harding University. I cannot believe I’m a junior sometimes because life has gone by fast and slow and I forget what it’s like to even be a freshman. That first year feels so different and distant, and that girl feels so different and distant, too.

I’ve grown in more ways than I can count, I’ve been more places than I can count, and I’ve met more people than I can count in the past two years of college, and I cannot even imagine what will happen in these next two years.

I want to start blogging regularly about my life, but more than anything I want to start blogging regularly about my walk with Christ. I want anyone and everyone to feel welcome and invited to participate in this discussion with me, and I want to be real and honest because that’s what real faith is like with Christ.

I went on a sunrise hike yesterday at Sugarloaf in Arkansas and anyone who knows me knows that I do not wake up at 4:45 am for nothing. The early morning and my fear of falling off the rocks was worth it to praise God and watch the sun rise in the sky. Even the birds chirping was so beautiful because I hadn’t heard that in a while since being on campus. I was reminded of God’s power and how minuscule the problems of everyday life are when I was looking out over the vast green space in front of me.

Yesterday was refreshing, but today I feel like I could just lie on my floor all day and think and do nothing. I don’t know why somedays I feel so overly joyed and somedays I feel so monotonous. I didn’t go to church this morning because I didn’t feel great and I was exhausted, and I also didn’t go to church last Sunday. I felt the same way last Sunday *monotonous and bleh) as I felt today and I believe that’s because I wasn’t spending time with God and praising Him.

I’ve been doing a devotional at night to spend one on one time with God, but I know that when I just sit and wallow in my own self-pity that I grow farther away from God. I usually think in my head that it’s “so hard” to turn back to Him, but that’s because I need Him to help me. I need God to meet me where I’m at and the most beautiful thing is that He meets me with all of my struggles every. single. time.

There’s an endless list of beautiful people and places to be thankful for, especially after I was reminded of that during my sunrise hike at Sugarloaf yesterday. Thank you, God.

Have any of y’all struggled this week with feeling up and down? How do you give it to God? or if you don’t turn to God, what helps you?




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