What’s Important and What’s Urgent

Today at work we talked about “What’s Important and What’s Urgent”. The more the conversation grew, and the more I got immersed in the conversation, I got that weird feeling that always happens when something important or monumental or essential is happening or being talked about. My body starts to feel tense. I can literally feel the importance crawling under my skin and making my heart beat fee different.

What got me so worked up like that you ask? My faith. Last night at church, someone told a true story that happened to them and a stranger and the relevance of conversations with people we will probably never see again. I also read a Facebook post yesterday about a similar situation.

Both of those stories from yesterday led me to pray to God last night for an opportunity to speak with a stranger and show them love.

This morning I saw a homeless man on the side of the street and I want to go and say something so badly. It was one of those moments that I didn’t act on and kept thinking wistfully about, do you know those moments?

Instead of going over and talking to the man or praying over him (even though I didn’t have much except three dollars and a banana) I kept trucking along in my car to work.

The discussion at work about “What’s Important and What’s Urgent” made me replay my morning and how I didn’t go out and talk to that man on the corner of the street. I got that “weird feeling” (and I am getting it now even typing about this) just thinking about the whole situation: How I heard the two stories yesterday, how I prayed for an opportunity to speak with a stranger, and how an opportunity was presented to me, and how I focused more on world things. I focused on the urgent and not the important.

Yes I know that there are homeless people everywhere everyday, and yes I know there will probably be another encounter to speak with a stranger and show them love, but I don’t want to quench the Spirit again.

I am thankful for this morning’s discussion at work and for God. I pray for God to give me the courage to act on an opportunity in the future.

Do you have any situations like this? Maybe you didn’t have as similar a situation to mine but a situation where you focused on what was urgent and not important. Either way, let me know in the comments, I’d love to talk more about this topic!




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