Tweets That Matter

Facebook seems to be exploding right now with posts about the recent Russian related events that showed up near the United States on Tuesday afternoon.

“Alaska” is trending on Facebook and Twitter right now because, of course, no one wants to hear about Russian Tu-95 Bomber Jets flying thirty-six miles from Alaska and near the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone.

The majority of the tweets on twitter like this, for example,

are informative and factual. Basically the tweets are reiterating what numerous news sources are informing the public, meaning that the information on this issue is accessible to the public.

However, Facebook posts are a completely different story about the reaction on the issue. People are either freaking out in a crazed manner, while some people are evaluating the situation in a different manner. This post reveals an attitude of skepticism on the seriousness of the Russian bomber jets:

Others similar to this post view the situation as dire, and even references on the fact that the jets could bomb U.S. cities:

The whole situation is quite concerning, and definitely needs to be considered with seriousness because the news articles seem clear and understanding in laying out the facts.


Abbey Watson


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