The Best of The Beat

This past year, I have listened to music almost twenty-four seven. The way I listen to music the most is on Spotify, especially because there are so many options on there and I can create my own playlist. At the end of the year, Spotify even sends out statistics on what I listened to the most and how many minutes I listened.

For 2016, I listened to a total of 28, 834 minutes, 1,746 total number of artists, and 2,685 unique tracks. I was also in the top 1% of Beatles fans and they were my most listened to artist.

If you want to get started on Spotify, below is a list of the 10 best playlists (one of them is mine) I recommend:

1. Come Together

This was created by Spotify and it is the perfect Beatles greatest hits playlist. I am always taken back to the ’60s whenever I press play. Who doesn’t like the Beatles?

2. Oldies but Goodies | 2000-2016

The perfect throwback playlist of the 2000s that Spotify created. Whether your taste is T-pain or not, singing along to these throwbacks will definitely make you smile.

3. 80s Smash Hits

Created by Filtr US, this playlist of 150 songs is unbelievably fun for getting ready in the morning or belting out in the car with friends.

4. Feelin’ Good

Another Spotify golden playlist (can I make Spotify playlists for a career?) that is full of some R-E-S-P-E-C-T (if ya know what I mean). Aretha and Stevie truly make this a favorite of mine.

5. Audiobooks

This playlist created by Spotify technically isn’t music. There are 62 hours and 56 minutes worth of books to listen to on this playlist! My favorite one to listen to is The Great Gatsby. Perfect for a long commute to work or if you want a break from tunes.

6. 70s Road Trip

One of my favorite things to do is get in my car and drive, and of course I need enjoyable music to accompany me. This playlist by Spotify is ready to accompany me whenever I feel like listening to the Eagles and driving.

7. French Holiday

For a little cultural enrichment, I like to play this Spotify created playlist that’s full of french songs. I don’t speak French, but I am always transported to France whenever I listen to these songs.

8. It’s ALT Good!

I am instantly cheered up whenever I listen to this upbeat and fun Spotify created playlist. It doesn’t hurt either that Ed Sheeran is on here.

9. Spotify Orchestra: Cello

Nothing is more peaceful to me than listening to this brilliant playlist filled with 50 iconic cello pieces. Spotify created this gem also.

10. Starbucks Jazz

Whenever I am in Starbucks, I always think to myself how I wish I had their jazz music to listen to, but those days are over. Starbucks created this playlist and it’s full of 203 swanky jazz songs.


Also, if you want a ” lovey dovey”playlist to listen to, I made one called “My Funny Valentine” that has my favorite love songs on there.


Abbey Watson 


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