There’s No I in Privacy

No longer will privacy mean private regarding the U.S. and the internet. Because of the new bill that President Trump signed repealing internet privacy rules passed in the previous year, internet users like you and me will no longer be the only ones with our personal health, financial, and any other information one could think of.

I am confused as to why this bill was repealed. I want to know why the bill was repealed. Why do I have zero privacy anymore? If my whole life is going to be out on the internet for certain companies to make money off of my personal data in advertisements?

After reading numerous articles, I can tell that no one in America wants their privacy exposed, especially in our day and age where we live our whole lives through our phones and the internet.

I am definitely concerned about the situation and I am nervous about the future. I usually don’t worry about major controversial issues occurring in the media and I usually brush them off, but this issue is impossible for me to ignore. I don’t know how I can defend my privacy yet, but I will search for a way.

One thought that comes to mind because of the bill recently repealed is what’s next? If our privacy is invaded in a major way now, then what’s next, cameras in our homes? First we had our telephone calls monitored, and now the internet monitored; I feel like a bug under a microscope. I don’t want the government to have total control over my life. I am a person.

The only person I know to turn to now is God. I pray that He protects us, and I know that this world is only temporary.


Abbey Watson


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