Hello all,

This week I have felt like someone I hardly know. I have stopped holding onto perfectionism, I have worried more, I have felt sad, and I haven’t read God’s word as much.

I suppose the cause of all of this is because I am letting the business and stress of schoolwork and school life grab a hold on me and because I am not grabbing onto the joy in life.

I feel as if I am always preaching to my schoolmates about being joyful in life and to not worry about school, however, I am discovering that I haven’t practiced what I’ve preached.

This week I have thought about what life means beyond schoolwork and how joy fits into the stress, because I am finding myself constantly consumed by homework. I feel sometimes as if I am simply a robot, going through thing to thing.

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Seeking the light

I am trying to be aware of each moment I am in so that I am not constantly looking towards the next thing, but instead, facing the here and now and embracing/welcoming each moment.

I have to also remind myself that my joy comes from the Lord, not from the world. I need to spend time with God and not turn away from Him and wonder about finding joy. I need to pursue Him to receive joy. Sitting doesn’t get me to my next place.

If you want, meditate this week with me on this verse in Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.”


Abbey Watson


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