Unethical Integrity

There is a debate on whether or not journalists should post photos in their articles that cross the line of ethical integrity. Some photos are gruesome and disturbing, as well as disrupting for people that have lost loved ones and see dead bodies in the photo.

MySanAntonio.com posted an article that you can read here on the 10 years of the Mexican Drug War and the destruction that the war brought. I have a problem with this article, though, because some of the images are quite disturbing and repulsive. Some of the images make me sick by simply glancing at them.

The question about the controversial photos is whether or not it is ethical or not for a journalist to post those photos in the paper. Besides the journalists, there are multiple people who help determine if the photos go in, whether editor or journalist. I say that it is unethical to expose people in a non-humanitarian way. Even though those people have passed, I believe that it seems like too much exposure on someone that once lived and breathed. Those people in the photographs are not science projects to be photographed, nor are they information, nor facts. They were living and breathing family members and humans, and no one should be subjected to having their bodies displayed in an distasteful way when they have no say.

Another question that comes into play, though, is whether or not the journalist can tell the story without the photos. How much of a necessity is it truly for someone to get their point across and to tell the truth? I know the truth matters and that the truth is vital for citizens to understand what is happening in the world, but what if we all respected each other’s space and gave people peace?


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