A Trip of A Lifetime

Today I have an excited and kind of sad feeling in my heart. I shouldn’t be sad at all. I am going on a Spring Break Mission trip to Ecuador today! I am going to travel internationally again and that’s something that brings me so much excitement.

I love the transportation part of traveling. I enjoy the anticipation and excitement of waiting at the airport, and I love seeing others waiting. I always wonder where they are going, who they are going to see, and where they came from. I cannot wait to be at the airport (and yes, I actually like airport food)!

Even more than airports, I enjoy the actual flight. The longest flight without stops that I have been on was seventeen hours. I did get a little restless (who wouldn’t?) but who doesn’t like having time to read or watch movies or listen to music without any other tasks ? I also find it refreshing to talk to the people around me and learn about them (yes, I am one of those people). Getting there is only half the fun!

There are more reasons than just the airport and airplane that I enjoy about traveling, but the trip that holds a special place in my heart is the mission trip to Tasmania and Vanuatu that I went on last summer. That is the only mission trip that I’ve been on, but I think about my time there and the people I met there every single day. One of the people I met in Tasmania, Greg Wells, has a CD that I listen to everyday because those songs transport me back to a place that my heart longs for.

Maybe a melancholy cloud doesn’t hang over my head after all, but a desire that I have never felt for people before draws me into longing. I miss the people from Tasmania and Vanuatu more than words can express. The feelings in my heart that I have for them will not go away and I know they never will. I believe that I miss them more than I can fathom because we share a common love for the savior, and because of Him, I am thankful.

I know now, that a mission trip affects life after even more than during the trip. How could one week or a few weeks be enough to complete a “mission”? That’s why I am still impacted every day by the trip and I believe that mission trips are supposed to be with us for our whole lives after we go on them. There’s no way that the connection of Christ that I share with those people will die away. I do rejoice because I know that even if I never see them again in this life time, I will see them with God one day.

I can only hope and pray that God will help me to build more connections while I am in Ecuador. I cannot wait for this trip of a lifetime.

What trips have you gone on that have impacted your life?




3 thoughts on “A Trip of A Lifetime

  1. For me it was India.
    My parents got an overseas job there many years ago and lived near Bombay for three years.
    My whole childhood I heard stories about “back then in India…”
    Eventually my husband and I went and the second we touched down I felt “home”. I can not describe it any other way.

    I have traveled to many places but nothing left an impact on me like India.

    Safe travels to Ecuador by the way!

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      1. Of course it was of my parents but I found it amazing how much their experiences and story telling had shaped me. India did not feel like a foreign country to me anymore once I got there.

        I hope you get many more answers to your question.


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