My Future Dream Career

Why I want to be a…?

The fluidity that comes with being a Public Relations Professional appeals the most to me out of almost any other aspect. Sure, I love to communicate, however, I do not like to stay in one place for too long, nor do I enjoy sitting in a boring office. I think that Public Relations fits like a glove for me, because I am offered the leeway and freedom that I desire in this field.

I know there are many routes one can pursue with Public Relations, and I plan to work in either the travel or music industry.

In the travel realm, rarely does something or someone captivate my interest as much as traveling. I see captivating landscapes and landmarks, as well as captivating people when I travel, but the regularities of normal life simply do not compare to the adventures of travel.

Perhaps some might say that I am not content with everyday life, but I believe that I am. Travel simply provides me the excitement and thrill I long for everyday.

Leaving Vanuatu
Ready to Jet Set

Recently, I studied abroad in the fall of 2016 where my group and I primarily spent our semester living in central London. Coming from a small town of about 2,000 people in Texas and coming from a place in my life where I had never traveled outside of the U.S. before 2016, this trip was the perfect opportunity to taste what I had been craving for as long as I can remember. One example of what I want to do with travel came from meeting a lady who runs social media at Southwest Airlines in Dallas. I met this lady at Thanksgiving with my school in Florence, Italy, and she mentioned to me all of the amazing perks that would definitely suit my travel needs. That experience  of learning about what I would love to do gave me so much hope towards my career


Also while I was studying abroad, I was given the chance to tour the most famous recording studio in the world, Abbey Road Studios. The music and Beatles geek in me freaked out, especially because this tour was exclusive since the public is not allowed to tour Abbey Road due to the fact that it’s a working studio. Seeing that place in action and breathing the air of some of the most important musical history knocked me off my feet and fueled a fire in me to want to pursue a career in Public Relations with music.


Wherever I end up, whether that’s exploring city to city with my perks from working at Southwest Airlines, or working in the most famous recording studio in the world, I know that Public Relations will provide me with unique opportunities to pursue what I am passionate about more than any other field.


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