The After of Studying Broad

I miss London…

Of course that’s a given considering London has been my dream city since I was probably in sixth grade and I lived there for a few months, but today I am missing old London Town. I miss the gray cloudy skies, the tea with two lumps of sugar and a splash of milk to make me feel better whenever I had the blues or I was stressed, and I miss all of the unique and creative shops that tailored to one specific item. I know that all of those things are over here in America as well, but London is London. There’s a special quality to London that draws me there. Perhaps, it’s the giant mix of people that bring rich culture to the table, or the charm of the small black cabs and the way each market feels like a whole new world. I don’t quite know how to describe this, but each city has a personality. I feel a certain way in each city I visit, not necessarily my emotions, but I can feel the energy in each city. London’s energy to me, is a mixture of hustle and bustle, as well as determination. Everywhere I went gave off the feeling of determination. Maybe determination to “make it in the big city” in a company, or determination to simply survive there, however, I always felt welcomed.


Now that I am home…

I think that I have been mentally and physically recuperating for the past week and a half since I’ve been back, but I am clueless. I have no clue what to say to people when they ask me what my favorite part of my trip was, or when they ask me to tell them stories about the trip. I feel that if I start talking about the trip, I won’t be able to stop (which isn’t a bad thing), but all I end up saying is “awesome” or “amazing.” Both of those words are completely generic and generic is the complete opposite of what my trip was like, but I cannot simply describe to people in a few words what the trip of my dreams was like. We all have dreams, right? At least I hope everyone has a dream that they pursue, well my trip has been my dream since I was a sophomore in high school. London has been my dream city for even longer, possibly sixth grade, and to accomplish such a big dream of mine leaves me speechless. I have a few other major dreams, but right now I feel as if I am good to go, like I could go the rest of my life living in miserable conditions, but I would be okay since I fulfilled my dream. That’s an unforgettable feeling, and that’s why I don’t quite know how to respond to people.

For now,

I am going to keep reliving the memories, and start planning my next adventure. I know that my trip was the experience of a lifetime, but I don’t want to stop experiencing that type of adventure and travel that I have craved for so long.


Abbey Watson


2 thoughts on “The After of Studying Broad

  1. I so know the feeling when u r trying to tell about your trip but don’t know what to say at all! It’s so hard trying to tell others something that they won’t know if they haven’t had that “dreams come true” moment. And even then they won’t probably get it XDD I mean telling about the best things in your life is never easy!

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