London On A Budget

Some assume that…

traveling is impossible due to the crazy costs of accommodations and so forth. However, after being a tired, broke, and (often) hungry college student, I have learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to penny pinching in London.

  1.  Do Not, I repeat, do not eat at any cafe or restaurant near a major landmark. Those cafes near Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, and other places will charge for a ridiculous amount because they know tourists are hungry and naive. Also, those places usually have low quality food.
  2. Find a cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant nearby that has a meal deal and that can become a cozy sanctuary when you want to get away from the masses. Usually most places have a happy hour, where they offer a great deal on an entire meal.
  3. Take the time to walk places instead of using a cab. Although the London black cabs are adorable and cute, you could save money by strolling around town to your desired destination, all while sight seeing.
  4. Shop at the grocery stores if you are staying in London for a while! I have found that their prices here for groceries in London are significantly cheaper than the grocery stores back home.
  5. For entertainment purposes, definitely look up on TimeOut all of the free events happening in London. There is always something free going on in London, and when all else fails, the museums are always free and extremely interesting for a wide range of tastes.

Last but not least, a life tip for London on a budget, get out and explore. London may seem expensive, but getting out and seeing what deals the city has to offer is one of the best ways to see the city, and to save on some dollars (I mean pounds).



Abbey Watson


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