Living On A Prayer

I’ve heard several people say

that studying abroad is great for different ways to grow in your faith. Whether you travel across the country, across your own town, or across the world, you will gain a new and valued understanding of what faith means to you, whether that’s good or bad. Here are some ways and examples that I have observed how my faith changed by stepping way from my own home and mainly learning from studying abroad:

  1. Studying abroad gives students a chance to step away from the influence and pressure of adults, leading the student to develop his or her own knowledge.and understanding of faith.
  2. While away from parents, a student takes responsibility for his or her own faith, showing the student exactly where he or she stands, and if he or she even wants to pursue faith.
  3. Last but not least, traveling at this age opens your eyes to the everyday life of various faith backgrounds you wouldn’t observe first hand in your own home. This is so important because you learn to respect other’s faith, as well as appreciate yours in a whole new light.

I have been in an on-going battle this semester with my faith and consistently pursuing God. Sometimes I slack in spending time with Him, and I tell my self that I am “just busy” and that I will “spend more time with Him when I am home.” How and why is that even the least bit okay?!? It’s not. Also, who am I to determine when I should spend time with God based on my own, selfish feelings?  Studying abroad has taught me that I am responsible for my own pursuing of God and that I can’t expect to pick back up on my faith where things left off before the trip, especially when I have grown and changed in so many ways that are completely different to before I left. I hope that wherever you are traveling, you explore what faith means to you and if you even want to pursue a faith.


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