5 Tips On Thriving and Staying Alive In London

Most people know that

living in a big city can be hectic and rewarding at times, but most people don’t know always know what they’re missing out on in certain cities. After living in London for two months and scouring the ends of the boroughs, I almost feel as if I’m a resident expert on the ins and outs (probably not a complete expert, but a girl can dream) of this magical city. I’m here to share some of my tips on everyday living in London (you know, in case you ever find yourself living here).

  1. Stand on the right side of the escalators!!! I give my praise to the Londoners for doing this, so that way people in  a hurry can actually walk (or run) down the left side. You will save yourself the time of not annoying the daily commuters who are trying to get somewhere.
  2. Make sure you know which way the traffic is going before crossing the road. This seems silly and obvious knowledge (duh, Abbey), but there have been many of times when people were pulled back onto the safety net of the sidewalk because people were looking in the opposite direction of traffic. This includes watching out for cyclists, as well, because you will collide with them if not careful.
  3. Know what tube station line you are living or staying near, and memorize it to where you could recite it in your London dreams. You’ll save loads of hassle when you are halfway across town and trying to navigate which station line to take.
  4. Memorize which restaurants and shops around you have the best specials and offers. I mean, come one, who doesn’t want a cheap, five pound meal deal (thanks Pomme De Pain) as a broke college student or anyone on  a budget for that matter.
  5. Finally, don’t take things personally when someone comes across as rude. Londoners know how to cut to the chase in any situation, and they are just being matter-of-fact, not rude, and their advice will usually save you the embarrassment later on.




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