Time Is Not On Our Hands


that you are on a roller coaster, and this is the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on. The twists and turns are getting better, and you just made it to the top of the hill only for the ride to stop. You want to finish the ride and experience the thrill of going down the hill. You want to feel like your stomach is being turned upside down on the loopty-loop, and you want the bragging rights to let all of your friends know that you experienced the world’s best roller coaster ever! Okay, maybe roller coasters aren’t everyone’s forte, but you get the picture I’m painting here: stopping something you love for no reason. I know that this scene could mean many things, but for this blog post, I am using that example in terms of religion and faith.

I am noticing

more and more that the members of church, the other Christians around me, and people in general who are apart of the body of Christ aren’t lengthening their time with God. I do not mean making time to read the Bible more or going to church more. I’m talking about when I’m at church and the song leader says, okay we’re only going to sing three songs because we know everyone wants to get home and watch “the game” later. Sometimes my friends and I will have a Bible study together and someone will have to leave early to feed their dogs. Maybe Wednesday night youth group will get cut short because we have school the next day. Regardless of which example I use for this situation, I am feeling suppressed. Time is not on our hands or our side as Christians and I’m tired of it! gorgeous-church-in-iceland

I need to

praise God with my brothers and sisters in Christ a little longer sometimes, or I need to spend a little bit more time with my friends reading scripture together, or I need to hear what my Bible professor has to say about a certain topic of faith and not get cut off by having to switch classes. What I am trying to say is that I feel suppressed in this day and age by other priorities. I feel suppressed with tasks that consume our daily lives that shouldn’t even be our main focus in our walks with Christ. Why can’t we stay up all night praising God after Wednesday night youth group? So what that we have school the next day? I don’t believe that these hurdles are trivial because this world isn’t ours and my time isn’t mine, my time belongs to God. I know that I can spend extra time praising and worshiping God by myself, or that I can read my Bible anytime I want, but I am tired of the notion that we need to cut our time off with God because of regular daily life activities.

I want to live

freely. I want to live where I can get up from the classroom I’m in and pray to God for hours and hours. I want to live freely where I can sing praises at the top of my lungs for God outside, or stay at church all day to enjoy fellowship and God’s word with my brothers and sisters. I want freedom. I want more of Christ and I am noticing more and more that this world does not care and is not stopping for me. Does anyone else feel this way, too?


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