Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

I had no idea

that I would be delighted by sharing the Icelandic culture with my fellow HUE (Harding University England) students as much as I did. Most people have been keeping up with all of my daily adventures on my Facebook, so I won’t go into detail on here, but I will provide a brief recap of our adventures. If you want to check out my Facebook Page to keep up with daily HUE adventures, click here. Some of our adventures include exploring tons of waterfalls that seem to draw one in. I could honestly sit all day at one of those  waterfalls and listen to the roar, feel the mist from the rush, and soak up life. Nothing compares to that feeling of smallness to large, unmatched natural beauty.

Breathtaking Waterfall in Iceland

Another natural beauty of Iceland includes all of their horses. We went on a horseback ride at sunset (best night of my life) that looked like a Ralph Lauren commercial and seemed so beautiful that I thought I was in a dream. What truly amazes me is that the Icelandic horses are the only breed of horse there, and anytime an Icelandic horse leaves the country for a show or any reason, that horse is not allowed back into the country. The horses have been bred there for over a 1,000 years!


is honestly one of the most unique places I have ever been (granted I haven’t been to tons of places), and I was greatly surprised at how much I enjoyed the different exploration of adventure that is available in Iceland. For scenery, there was no way that Iceland could disappoint. With a great supply of volcanic ash, the land looks extremely green and beautiful because of the fertility that the ash brings. On top of gorgeous volcanoes and greenery, the mountainous glaciers (which I didn’t even know glaciers could be that big) create the best drinking water, caves to explore, and gorgeous glacier lagoons full of icebergs and 1,000 year old ice on top of the volcanoes. Already this country proves to be beautiful to the eyes, but wait until you meet the sweetest people called Icelanders. I was charmed by the quaint, yet bustling streets with random bursts of color throughout the main city, Reykjavik, and I couldn’t help but notice the delightful attitudes of the locals in Iceland that matched the pleasant atmosphere of the city.

Through all of this,

I learned much more about myself than I thought was possible. I knew I would learn more than expected because of my experience with going to Tasmania and Vanuatu this summer, but I am truly amazed at everything I saw and experienced. I cannot even wrap my head around every jaw dropping place we saw and the fact that such beautiful pieces of nature exist make me admire God’s artistry even more. One theme of Iceland that stuck with me the most is the natural beauty there, leading me to admire the natural beauty all around us wherever we are. As I have traveled more and more here recently, I have begun to wonder why I obsess over every gorgeous natural nook and cranny around me when the people in front of my very eyes are a precious natural beauty. Each person has unique quirks and smiles and characteristics that make him or her such a special gem much like the breathtaking waterfalls or 1,000 year old icebergs of Iceland and as I begin this new chapter of my life, I am learning to appreciate every form of nature.




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