I Don’t Need a Handbook For Writers

It’s a myth…

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to start a blog. I have tried to journal in my notebooks and while that works sometimes, I would much rather write a blog so that family and friends can keep up with my thoughts, ideas, and travels in a much more efficient manner. I haven’t started an actual blog until a few months ago (this has been a work in progress to get up and running) mainly because I told myself that I needed every detail of my writing and every aspect of my blog to be perfect, but the words inside of me need to be let out. I cannot keep putting off this blog. It’s a complete myth that my writing and words need to be perfect, because I honestly only want to express myself, which I believe is unique to any individual crafting an expression of self.

Here goes nothing

I hope that whoever reads this blog will enjoy my adventures and thoughts and opinions of my everyday life. I also hope that I can connect with my readers through the aid of social media! I recently went out of the country this summer for the first time ever and I plan to blog about that experience and in only three days I am leaving the country again to study abroad in Iceland, London and other European countries for a whole semester! I hope you will tag along on this journey with me through hopefully many ups and few downs. Read away!





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