Listen to Our Hearts

Let’s be real, sometimes we are tired and we simply can’t do life without community. That is me this week. … More Listen to Our Hearts



I am trying to be aware of each moment I am in so that I am not constantly looking towards the next thing, but instead, facing the here and now and embracing/welcoming each moment. … More Rejoice.

Traveling Texan

No I am not galavanting off to another country this summer to try new gelato flavors or see a gorgeous, worn cathedral. Instead, I am staying home in Texas… well not completely staying at home. If you know me, you know that I am always talking about where to go next or trying to plan … More Traveling Texan


Originally posted on The 18th year:
Grateful By McKenna Carrie? ​Grace come Mercy meet me here I am drowning Devastated by fear God almighty You are higher You are stronger Than my past Than my weaknesses To me what is the world Is to You Only a speck of dust You are lovely You are…

Tweets That Matter

Facebook seems to be exploding right now with posts about the recent Russian related events that showed up near the United States on Tuesday afternoon. “Alaska” is trending on Facebook and Twitter right now because, of course, no one wants to hear about Russian Tu-95 Bomber Jets flying thirty-six miles from Alaska and near the … More Tweets That Matter

Unethical Integrity

There is a debate on whether or not journalists should post photos in their articles that cross the line of ethical integrity. Some photos are gruesome and disturbing, as well as disrupting for people that have lost loved ones and see dead bodies in the photo. posted an article that you can read here on the … More Unethical Integrity

Get Cultured

During spring break of 2017, I went on a spring break mission trip to Tabacundo, Ecuador. Besides the mission work that our team did, we got a little break and got to explore and interact with the Ecuadorian culture. Ecuador is famous for being close to the sun, hence the name of the country “Ecuador”, which … More Get Cultured